The Goddess is NOT Ashamed
The goddess Kali – a manifestation of the primordial Shakti. 
A destroyer goddess, she is worshipped by 
both munshis and murderers. 

Every year, she is celebrated in eastern India.  
But all the Kali idols everywhere have their 
tongues sticking out. 


The story goes: once Kali was overcome by 
an insatiable, mad rage. 
The spectacular violence of her tandav 
was destroying the universe. 

The devas – Indra and his ilk – were in heaven, 
quaking in their dhotis and cowering at her fury. 

How would they stop her from 
destroying their universe – and eventually ... 


After considerable deliberation, the devas decided to use to 
oldest patriarchal 
device known to man.

They summoned Shiva – her lord consort – and instructed 
him to go lie at her feet.

Kali's apocalyptic anger was only contained when 
she was shamed into submission. 

Only after she realised that she had, 
in fact, stepped on her husband. 

The husband's authority was called upon 
to tame the powerful goddess. 

And so, the patriarchal universe was 
But what if Kali had felt 
no shame?

Imagine what our world would be.

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